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South Central Review


As the official journal of the South Central Modern Language Association, the South Central Review strives not only to feature scholarship of organization members but to address current issues of importance to our field. To do so, we have featured special issues on Fascism and Culture: Continuing the Debate (Fall-Winter 1997), Tzvetan Todorov and the Writing of History (ed. Howard Marchitello[Fall-Winter 1998]), Rethinking 1968: The United States and Western Europe (ed. Terry H. Anderson [Winter 1999-Spring 2000]), Cinema Engage: Activist Filmmaking in French and Francophone Contexts (eds. Van Jekky and Rosemarie Scullion [Fall 2000]), Spain Modern and Postmodern at the Millenium (ed. Janet Pérez [Spring-Summer 2001]), Whose Body?: Recognizing Feminist Mystery and Detective Fiction (eds. Pamela R. Matthews and Mary Ann O'Farrell [Fall-Winter 2001]), and 9/11 (Summer-Fall 2002). Recent issues include The Politics and Aesthetics of Memory (Spring 2004), Memory and Nation in Contemporary Mexico (ed. Ryan Long [Fall 2004], and "Southern Literature"/ Southern Cultures: Rethinking Southern Literary Studies (ed. David McWhirter [Spring 2005]).

Along with these special issues, the South Central Review has also published article clusters on topics such as "Heidegger and de Man Revisited," "Literature after Revolution," "Eudora Welty," and "Teaching French."

And, of course, the South Central Review's regular issues offer essays on a variety of topics in the field of literary studies.



For information about upcoming special issues, please contact:

Richard J. Golsan, Editor
South Central Review
Department of European and Classical Languages and Cultures

Texas A&M University

205 Academic Building 4215 TAMU

College Station, TX 77843-4215
Phone: 979-845-2124

Fax: 979-845-0823




For submissions, please contact:

Nicholas Lawrence

Managing EditorSouth Central Review

Assistant Professor of English

University of South Carolina Lancaster

476 Hubbard Dr.

Lancaster, SC 29720

Phone: 803-313-7167


For book review inquiries, please contact:

Christopher Bundrick

Book Review Editor, South Central Review

Associate Professor of English

University of South Carolina Lancaster

476 Hubbard Drive

Lancaster, SC 29720